Alumni stories

James Peter Wasoti
DTM 2003/2005, Guild President 2004/5
Quality Specialist – MTN Uganda.

From blind spots of the mind to splendor – My Story.

Many questions are usually asked of what HTTI has to offer and more so what the future lies for students in the Hospitality Industry. The uncertainty was always reawakened whenever comparison is made with our friends at the Universities and thus created blind spots as the picture painted was mind-boggling. So many of us would have chosen our path out of fear disguised as practicality. Experience through this made me realize that the world is defined by the attitude and decisions we make while at school and thereafter. A clear example of this was the class of DTM 2003/5 who despite repeated proclamations of becoming rangers developed a positive mental attitude to overcome such falsehoods and the rest was history as from them are those at the forefront of Marketing the country to Counsels, from Managers in various fields to Quality Specialists in the customer service industry to mention and the impact is colorful that even the blind can see. From the basic customer service received at the HTTI, my influence in Customer Management and Training at MTN Uganda has left many in marvel.


Hello everyone, My name is Walugembe James a former student. Am currently working at Laico Lake Victoria hotel Entebbe under the front office department. I want to hail HTTI for nurturing me into a skillful hotelier thus adding value to Uganda’s hospitality industry. To the graduands, I want to congratulate you all and my message to you is that you have acquired the skills that can enable you to favorably compete in this industry. 
Always remember that its everyone’s responsibility to represent HTTI. Skills Excel.


I Pursued a diploma in Hotel Management at UHTTI, and joined Kyambogo University in 2006 for  a Bachelors of Vocational Studies with Education, Post Graduate diploma in Hospitality Management  and Teaching from Salsburg Austria. I am currently a senior  Instructor at UHTTI. Advise“Always have a positive attitude,be focused and yearn for new skills and knowledge through continuous training” 

Omia Bosco DHM/08

Many of us work and aspire to professional success, we have worked hard and we deserve the rewards of our position. It is important that we periodically take stock of where we are and who we are. HTTI has been and is still the centre stage not only in training professionals in hospitality but also a drive to other paths that ensures that it’s members ascertain their success in a steady progress towards one’s dreams and goals. Therefore as HTTI Alumni we are devoted to seeing that HTTI always comes out of the challenges and controversies. Together as alumni we are unbreakable

For God and My Country.


Nyakato Christine DHM/08 Hotel Manager.

UHTTI changed my life and thinking

I have worked as a hotel manager for the last five years. HTTI changed my life and my perception, before I joined the hotel industry I had a negative perception towards it but after joining HTTI I saw a bright future ahead of me. HTTI is the best institute which everyone would be recommended to join for Hotel or Tourism management because one can never be the same as someone who has passed through other institutions. What I would like people out there to know that it’s not only those who have gone through universities that succeed but institutions are doing much better than universities.



Mbabazi micheal DTM/03

HTTI Paved the Way into my Tourism World

While at HTTI I was always given the opportunity to carry out new student’s orientation excursions in and around Jinja. The more I did this, the more I did excursions to Mabira Eco-Tourism site, Kampala – Entebbe city tourism sites.

The institute has good internship placement programs. I was placed in the right organization for my tourism industrial attachment (Queen Elizabeth National Game Park) under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority. The institute also encouraged us to train in all parts of hospitality so that by the time we graduated we were able to compete in the job market with the rich practical skills in hospitality.

I have done more tourism training and am a registered tour guide with Uganda Safari Guides (USAGA) and many other tourism fraternities around the globe. I am currently doing private travel planning and consultancy in tourism marketing based in the United States.