Application Procedure

Application is made through filling an application form obtained at a non refundable application fee at the Institute.You may also download the application form from here and pay for it on submission.

The application form must be fully filled and the relevant academic documents attached.It must be returned to the Academic Registrars Office according to the set deadline dates obtained at the Institute.

Application for Admission
Applications forms are available at a non-refundable fee of Uganda Shs. 32,200/=.

The application form must be fully filled and the relevant academic documents attached and returned to the office of the academic registrar.

Application Procedure

  1. Check with the Academic Registrars Office at the Institute
  2. Buy an application form at the fee stated, or you may download the form fill it and return it to the Institute.
  3. On returning the application form you will be informed on  the date when to do the interviews(for private sponsorship).
  4. On the date of the Interview you will be issued an admission letter if admitted.


  1. ID of former school/Institution
  2. Photocopies of certificates / testimonials
  3. Three (3) recent passport Photographs
  4. Valid Birth Certificate

All documents received by the Institute in connection with any application for admission becomes the property of Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. Admission places of students who are admitted and fail to report are filed. However material will only be held for a period of only one year if the student notifies the Academic Registrars Office in writing of postponement of enrollment.

All correspondence pertaining to admission should be sent to:

The  Office of the Academic Registrar,
Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute,
P. O. BOX 444 Jinja, Uganda.
Tel: +256-434-121954, +256- 392-846885
Mob. +256-772660789